General Manager Message

Dear Clients,

It’s with great pleasure that i seize this opportunity to introduce to you ElectroWatt. Recently established in 2005, it was very evident from day one that our target to cement our grounds in the field of Electro Mechanical services. The wealth of experience that the senior management and key personnel brought to ElectroWatt has allowed it to complete major projects that would defy the words “start-up”. Our trade mark brings confidence and quality to the minds of any of our previous, existing and future clients after successfully completing various residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial projects.On a daily basis, we realize that to maintain a solid reputation we need to further expand both our staff and capabilities, therefore ElectroWatt continue to grow in terms of manpower and services year after year. Our target is to maintain a very dominated base in Qatar and head out to explore regional opportunities that we see fit. Understanding how ambitious this target may be, has allowed us to focus on our core business and expand to merge in ana already dominated group consisting of several contracting entities and services, where quality is always the basis of our vision.Supported by a technical office that consist of some of the most qualified electro-mechanical engineers, we continue to grow and succeed. This success has sustained us through the financial crisis of 2009 and has allowed us to rapidly recover through the months that followed.As the market here in Qatar continue to look for solid companies, I would like to invite you into the world of ElectroWatt, ensuring you the best services possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Ahmed Sabra
General Manager